old photos

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Well, filled up this page, must decide how to add more.

Saints game New Orleans December 1993

Justin 5 years, Clayton 5 months

Dad 1950's, the one on the left was taken in 1951

Grandad Elder 1969

I took this with my new camara, they Justin took one of me :) 1985

Justin took this pic of me in 1985, he was only 3.

Phil, Patty & Randy 1958

Justin reading in 1984

Randy, Patty & Phil 1959

Ahhh, what a sweet big brother :)

Randy, Phil & Patty 1957

Mohawks 1993.

Justin graduates from ASMS.

Dad and Edna with Justin, summer 1983.

Melissa and Clayton sleep in the car :)

My Mom and Dad, around the time they got married. Denver.

Snow in Arkansas!

Shawn, at home as always.

Nintendo with baby Darin.

Grandma Litzsinger (my Mom)

Justin (left) fencing.

Milton and Maurice Barnes

Justin and Charlie watch 'The Wizard of Oz'

My Brothers Phil and Randy 1981.

Sword fighting in Spearfish.

Justin, Miranda, Clayton & Melissa- May have to re-scan this one :P

Clayton got boots for Christmas, he's trying to get them on :)

Hungry, Fat Yellow Cat.

Butch had that little bow stuck to his head for several days before it fell off.